Green Practices & Community Involvement

As Endive continues to grow so does our commitment to the process of reducing our impact on our environment. From what we buy to how we use it to how we dispose of it we are constantly looking for ways to waste less and recycle more. Our Chef’s source our menu ingredients locally when possible and prefer to use organically and sustainably produced foods when they are available. We are presently recycling nearly 80% of our waste stream having reduced our landfill contribution by nearly 25 tons this year alone. As a preferred caterer at Piedmont Park we actively support The Piedmont Conservancy Since 2004 we have recycled nearly 6500 gallons of used fryer oil into “Veggie” Diesel And we are presently in the process of receiving our Zero Waste Zone Certification at which point we expect to reduce reuse and recycle nearly everything that would normally be added to our landfills.

So bookmark this Page and check back with us from time to time as we continue to update you on our progress as we “go green”